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Rhizomatic Directed Simulation

[vimeo width="800" height="450"][/vimeo] The best imitation consist of the original's destruction and the creation of a self referential text. (J.L Borges) Time: 6 mins Super 8mm Commissioned film for The 8 fest 2014 - 7th ANNUAL FESTIVAL by Alexandra Gelis ...

Rayado en queer

[vimeo width="800" height="450"][/vimeo] 2:00 | 2016 | super 8mm film found footage A remix of the previous movie (a famous American super 8 movie from the 70s, scratched up by the artist), this time narrating the body. Fleeting texts conjure a space between genders that creates poetry out of theory: ” …the materialization of the...

Estera (Mat) (part I)

[vimeo width="800" height="450"][/vimeo] Estera : Mat (Part I) Super 8 film. Two screens. As part of my investigation on the use of weeds for medicinal purposes I asked Alejandro a traditional mat maker in San Basilio de Palenque (Colombia) to make one using weeds. These plants are commonly used to shield children from wicked witches - the Mohana’s kidnappings,...