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Sewing the woods – Cosiendo el Bosque

Cosiendo el Bosque - Sewing the Wood

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Sewing the Woods is a video and sound sculpture with electronic components mounted in a Priscilla sewing box,. Through the use of sensors and data processing the viewer is able to create... More

Raspao / Snow Cone

Snow Cone / Raspao

A Moving Sound Sculpture with Electronic components
 [vimeo width="490" height="275"][/vimeo] 
supported by Canada Council for the Arts.produced in the Trans X Residency, a residency program of NAISA (New Adentures in Sound Art) Programming and Sound design: Hector Centeno Cart Construction:... More

Raspao / Snow Cone

Raspao(Snow Cone) Piece for multiple components and electronics. Manned vehicle that captures, process and transmits video and sound data.

 [vimeo width="490" height="275"][/vimeo]
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