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Drift in

[vimeo width="700" height="500"][/vimeo] Drift in by Alexandra Gelis / Jorge Lozano
Working with local plants on 16mm film. A series of phytograms created by the exposure of 16mm film overlaid with plant and dried for hours in direct sunlight It is also hand painted with plants based




by Alexandra Gelis / Jorge Lozano Pieza de no ficción instalada con multiples pantallas This story takes place in the Island of Mucura, El Islote Island and in Rincon del Mar in the Atlantic coast of Colombia. In Rincon del Mar we met “E” who asked us to video-record her because she wanted to speak out. She...

on Jorges Lozano’s

 From 2007, a series of works directed by Jorge Lozano, and I am working in front and/or behind camera.

[vimeo width="800" height="450"][/vimeo]   

Stratigraphies by Jorge Lozano Estratigrafías trata acerca de la disolución del yo en múltiples yos entre... More