When it was very hot in Cartagena, Colombia, as a child I will buy an ice cone and I will eat it lying down on the beautiful decorated and cold tile floor in my house. The installation is a product of a private performance in the back of my house in Toronto, dealing with childhood memories. I paint on the snow using fuchsia ink (reminiscences of Ice Cone or “Raspaos”) tiles with arabesques as in the floor in my house in Cartagena. At the end I laid down naked on the snow trying to recuperate these impossible memories. Hot – Cold, Fuchsia – Childhood – Moments.

Time: 4′ 45″
Format: video

TRAZOS AMBIENTALES/ENVIRONMENTAL TRACES                                             Ministerio de Cultura. Teatro Anita Villalaz. Panama City, Panama. 2008
Experimental video programs for Festival Arte por la Tierra                                               PNUMA Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Medio Ambiente (United Nations Environment       Programmed for Latinamerica and Caribbean)

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