Borders / Bordes

“Borders is an intimate photographic exploration of the bodies belonging to six queer individuals. This animation, made up of hundreds of high-resolution photographs, unabashedly examines the evidence of physical change and transformation: surgery scars, tattoos, and other traces. The bodies are fragmented, as are the stories affiliated with these traces, and identities remain delightfully elusive.” (Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Center)In the video installation “Borders”, six queer individuals are portrayed naked as they share their meditations, stories and experiences of being women. “Borders” is a journey through the evidence of their transformations where bodily scars and tattoos reveal the body as a site of resistance.3500 close-up photographs shape the silhouette of six naked individuals, seen on frontal and back position. Using video to created a moving body-scape, the bodies are reconstructed, mixed and projected in a single screen divided in 9 parts.

Time: 3′
Format: video
-Video Art selection, 50 Festival Internacional de Cine de Cartagena. 2010.Colombia


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